Kolberg’s first contact with the folklore of Podolia occurred in 1858 when he was preparing to publish his own collection of ‘Pieśni ludu z Podola rosyjskiego’ [Songs of the people from the Russian Podolia]. But his first visit in this region is dated from 1867. He was collecting material in so-called Galician Podolia, so on the territory between Seret and Zbrucz which at that time belonged to the Austrian partition. Ten years later he came back to Podolia to continue his research in the areas of the Austrian partition. He planned the third trip to this place in 1880, but it did not take place.


In the times, when Kolberg was travelling in Podolia, Czortków belonged to the Kingdom of Galicia under the rule of Austria-Hungary.

Kamieniec Podolski

“On the highest part of the hill, there is a rectangular square. In the middle, there are the remains of a burnt city hall, including a devastated tower. The sides of the city hall are surrounded by merchant stands, as well as two and three floor tenement houses...