Red Ruthenia

Since the beginning of his research, Kolberg was planning to write a monograph of Red Ruthenia. Even though he had rich material about this piece of land, he did not manage to write it. The name of the region comes from the town of Czerwień [from ‘czerwony’ – red]. Those areas in Kolberg’s day were inhabited by Polish and Ruthenian people. According to the collected material, it is known that Kolberg was a few times in Barysz, the village next to Buchach [today’s Ukraine]. He came this region in 1867, and in 1871, and later in 1876 and 1877; each time he was hosted by Róża and Stanisław Szawłowski, the owners of the estate. He also visited Amelia and Hipolit Bochdan in 1861, 1863 and 1868, the owners of the estate in Zadwórze.


Barysz, a village located next to Buczacz, for many generations, belonged to the family of Szawłowski.


It was in Zadwórze, located two train stations from Lviv, where Kolberg commenced his research on the culture of Red Ruthenia.