Volume 3: Kujawy part 1

The Complete Works vol. 3: Kujawy part 1. Wrocław – Poznań 1962, pp. 350, illustrations, two color plates. Photo-offset re-edition; first edition: Warsaw 1867.

This is the first part of ethnographic monograph devoted to the Kujawy region, located between the Vistula River (from Dobiegniewo to the mouth of the Brda River) and the Noteć River (until the western arm of the river) and the line connecting the towns of Sompolno, Brdów, Przedecz and Lubień, in the south. Besides some brief historical facts, this volume includes information about some towns and their tradition as well as data on soil variety, pagan cemeteries, people characteristics, buildings descriptions and labor performed. In addition, the volume presents descriptions of superstitions, texts of folk prose, proverbs, riddles, games as well as materials concerning family rites and annual customs with a hundred songs and instrumental melodies, including seven texts without melodies. The custom of the election of the shepherds king on Whitsun is also depicted. This custom became a ground for Kolberg to compose his rural opera ‘Król Pasterzy’ [The King of Shepherds] (premiere in 1859). The materials included in the volume come from Kolberg’s fieldwork conducted in 1860, 1863-1865, from local researchers (A. Biesiekierski, J. Bliziński) and from literature. Remarks on melodies in the introduction, drawings of homesteads, accessories and outfit, as well as two color illustrations based on W. Gerson’s watercolor that present costumes from Sompolno and Brześć supplement the ethnographic material.