Volume 4: Kujawy part 2

The Complete Works vol. 4: Kujawy part 2. Wrocław — Poznań 1962, pp. 320, two color plates. Photo-offset re-edition; first edition: Warsaw 1867.

The second part of the monograph devoted to the Kujawy region includes songs of love, family, pastoral, gentry, town and others, as well as descriptions of musical and choreo-technical features of dances; especially of the most popular dances: Chodzony (a "walk dance”), Kujawiak and Obertas. In the chapter on dances, information can be found about the way fiddlers and folk bands performed their dance music and remarks about shepherds' music. The chapter entitled The Notes includes a supplement to the first part of Kujawy, extensive material concerning the language (glossary, discussion of speech characteristics); topographic description of Kujawy; a list of towns within districts and a record of last and first names from some localities. The materials presented in this volume come virtually from Kolberg's own research; the records of J. Bliziński, M. Sokołowski and quotations from M. Miączyński, J. Niewiarowska, W. Sowiński, J. Długosz, A. Naruszewicz, R. Berwiński, and others constitute only a minor percentage of them. Kolberg published the same melody, with No. 421, which F. Chopin included in his ‘Fantasy on Polish Airs’ opus 13. It seems worth pointing to a different arrangement of the volume in comparison to the other ones of Kolberg’s series: texts of melodies, excluding the chapter Dances, are separated and precede the melodies of the sub-chapter in question. Analogically to the first part of Kujawy, this one includes two color illustrations that present folk costumes from Włocławek, Radziejów and Kruszwica and which are based on W. Gerson's watercolor.