Volume 13: The Grand Duchy of Poznań part 5

The Complete Works vol. 13: The Grand Duchy of Poznań part 5. Wrocław – Poznań 1963, pp. XVI+210. Photo-offset re-edition; first edition: Cracow 1880.

The fifth of the monograph on Great Poland supplements the previous volume and constitutes a collection of 132 songs ’’from towns and manors of the gentry” as well as 296 dances and dance songs. These songs were probably dictated to Kolberg or made accessible to him by landlords, members of households or music teachers from manors and towns, where Kolberg stayed during his field trips and with whom he often corresponded. They come, in part, from song-books, sztambuchs (albums), poets’ collections, popular at that time, such as J. Wojkowska, A. Górecki, E. Wasilewski, and even from special publications. These songs entered the folk repertoire mainly through servants and gentry clerks. Kolberg himself supplied some of them with the name of the author and references to the collections where he found their variants. Such references were also appointed to some dances and dance songs which were arranged in the volume according to the meter.