Volume 16: The Lublin Region part 1

The Complete Works vol. 16: The Lublin Region part 1. Wrocław – Poznań 1962, pp. IV+330, color plate. Photo-offset re-edition; first edition: Cracow 1883.

It is the first part of the ethnographic monograph of the area between the Vistula and the Wieprz Rivers. It contains the following chapters: The Country, The People, Customs, Rites and Songs, that is, historical and geographical information about the region, data from the domain of material culture (descriptions of costumes with a color illustration of folk costumes from the vicinity of Lublin based on a photograph by an unknown author, descriptions of houses, tools, etc.), depictions of customs and rites (18 weddings included), and finally songs. Together with texts and melodies that belong to various rites, the volume contains 512 songs and dances. In the notes, Kolberg included a special annex concerning religious groups and their relations in the area. Kolberg's field material comes from the investigations conducted in the years of 1848-1866. In the preparation of the monograph of Lublin he also used information from his correspondents and from literature, particularly in the part concerning the history and geography of the region.