Volume 17: The Lublin Region part 2

The Complete Works vol. 17: The Lublin Region part 2. Wrocław – Poznań 1962, pp. VI+244, color plate. Photo-offset re-edition; first edition: Cracow 1884.

The second part of the ethnographic monograph of the Lublin region contains some more songs, continuation to the ones that Kolberg began to publish in part 1, and dances (totally 200), as well as superstitions, fairy tales, proverbs and anecdotes, and also a description of the dialect with a separate onomastic list of names and geographical designations. Similarly to part 1, also in this volume Kolberg used his own field notes, information from his correspondents and literature, especially the work of J. Gluziński, published in 1856. In both volumes there are extensive materials concerning a specific professional group - the sieve makers from the vicinity of Biłgoraj. A color illustration based on a watercolor by W. Gerson presents folk costumes.