Volume 19: The Kielce Region part 2

The Complete Works vol. 19: The Kielce Region part 2. Wrocław – Poznań 1963, pp. IV+266. Photo-offset re-edition; first edition: Cracow 1886.

The second part of the monograph on the Kielce region contains some more songs, dances, customs, beliefs and tales. Resumption of the customs of annual cycle, already discussed in part 1, resulted from the fact that Kolberg, shortly before the second part was to be edited, received new field materials concerning bonfire celebrations, the subject he was particularly interested in. A considerable number of the songs (223) and 22 texts of fairy tales published here come from a manuscript collection of W. Siarkowski from the years 1876-1881. While preparing the materials for this region, Kolberg placed a special emphasis on ritual folklore, folk music and texts of songs. ‘The Kielce Region’ appeared in print right after the publication - by the Academy of Arts and Sciences - of a series of works of the above-mentioned ethnographer of Kielce and Kolberg’s co-worker, W. Siarkowski. Therefore, there are no notes on proverbs and riddles in any of the two volumes of the monograph.