Volume 22: The Łęczyca Region

The Complete Works vol. 22: The Łęczyca Region. Wrocław – Poznań 1964, pp. VIII+280. Photo-offset re-edition; first edition: Cracow 1889.

This is an ethnographic monograph of a transitional territory between the regions of Great Poland, Mazovia and Kujawy, stretching – within the border lines pictured by Kolberg – in a narrow belt from the Łódź neighborhood, through Łęczyca and Kutno to Gostynin. It is not a complete monograph; the collection of tales, for example, is not included; a modest chapter on the people is based on printed sources, however, even here we can find some interesting material of 90 curses, the texts of which were sent to Kolberg by an unknown correspondent. Only quotations from other publications inserted in the notes concern beliefs. This volume basically contains ritual folklore, songs and dances (424 texts and melodies) with a richer than in other volumes group of beggar's songs and prayers. In the introduction, Kolberg included, among others, a description of a dance called “dyna”. The materials for the Łęczyca region were gathered by Kolberg in the field in 1847, 1860 and 1863-1865, and he received a small part of it later from his correspondents. At the end of the volume Kolberg inserted a separate chapter which contains dances of Kujawy (147 melodies with refrains), an episode of the third part of Kujawy planned in the past.