Volume 28: Mazovia part 5

The Complete Works vol. 28: Mazovia part 5. Wrocław – Poznań 1964, pp. X+380, illustrations, one color plate. Photo-offset re-edition; first edition: Cracow 1890.

The fifth part of the regional monograph covers the so-called Mazowsze Stare [Old Mazovia] situated in Masuria and Podlachia regions, that is, in the most northeastern area of the region which borders with Lithuania and Belarus. Similarly to the preceding part, it includes five chapters: The Country, The People, Customs, Rites, Songs and Epics. The description of the country covers in succession the regions of Łomża, Drohiczyn, Bielsk, Białystok and Augustów. In the picture of the people, besides Masurians and Podlachians, Kolberg also includes the groups of Ruthenians and Lithuanians that live in the discussed territory. In addition, he also points out to petty gentry, a social category characteristic to Podlachia. In the section on customs and rites, he included some interesting descriptions of harvest festival and Kupalnocka celebrations, quoted after Z. Gloger, that disappear in other parts of the region, but still prevail and are cultivated here. In the chapter on family rites, Kolberg presented information about baptism and funeral (three songs) and an account of eight weddings with 138 wedding songs; whereas, in the chapter on songs and laments he included 175 songs. He supplemented his own material with excerpts from literature, mainly from the works of Z. Gloger, and also A. Połujański and A. Osipowicz. Kolberg considered the output of Z. Gloger particularly valuable, what he emphasized in the introduction; therefore, he utilized his materials most extensively. At the end of the volume, there are the notes with excerpts from literature concerning the history of the country, the people, customs, and also legends associated with some towns. A color plate illustrates folk costumes from the vicinity of  Łomża and Zambrów (based on a watercolor by W. Gerson).