29. Volume 29: Pokuttia part 1

The Complete Works vol. 29: Pokuttia part 1. Wrocław – Poznań 1962, pp. XIV+360, illustrations. Photo-offset re-edition; first edition: Cracow 1882.

This is the first volume of the monograph of the Pokuttia region, i. e., the area of Kołomyja and Stanisławów, a part of former Ruś Halicka [Halicz Ruthenia]. It contains four chapters: The Country, The People, Customs and Rites. In The Introduction Kolberg presented an up-to-date concise outline of ethnographic research on Ruś Halicka. In the chapter on the people, differently than usual, he included information about the language. The other chapters are constructed according to a structure typical to Kolberg’s monograph: in Customs we find accounts of different practices from advent to St. Nicholas Day and harvest festival; in Rites, there are descriptions of baptism, funeral and nine weddings. In The Notes, at the end of the volume, he included excerpts from literature. Kolberg collected most of this material during his field research in the years 1867-1880, particularly during the preparation to an ethnographic exhibition organized in 1880, in Czortowiec, a village which belonged to his friend W. Przybysławski, and during his several visits in Kołomyja. This volume is illustrated with fifteen drawings of costumes, furniture and buildings, based on drawings of T. Rybkowski.