Volume 34: The Chełm Region part 2

The Complete Works vol. 34: The Chełm Region part 2. From posthumous materials published by I. Kopernicki. Wrocław – Poznań 1964, pp. X+268, illustrations. Photo-offset re-edition; first edition: Cracow 1891.

The second part of the monograph on the Chełm region was published by Izydor Kopernicki after Kolberg’s death. Kopernicki was a friend of the author and executor of his testament. The volume contains universal songs, proverbs, riddles, tales and a description of beliefs and superstitions. This material was mostly recorded by Maria Hemplówna, but arranged by Kolberg. Kopernicki prepared it for publication, arranged and systematized the material providing it also with notes. He also added The Addendum to the volume, containing original anecdotes and peasant dialogs, curses, nicknames and a glossary, and recorded by M. Hemplówna in an authentic dialect as found in everyday situations, which was not designated by Kolberg for publication. They are samples of the colloquial language of the people of the Chełm region. In The Notes, at the end of the book, there are excerpts from the works of L. Kunicki, K.W. Wójcicki, and also works of P.P. Czubiński concerning concepts of the world and natural phenomena. The volume contains an illustration of folk costumes.