Volume 36: Volhynia. Customs, melodies, songs.

The Complete Works vol 36: Volhynia. Customs, melodies, songs. From posthumous manuscripts, with the cooperation of S. Fiszer and F. Szopski, published by J. Tretiak. Wrocław – Poznań 1964, pp. XII+452. Photo-offset re-edition; first edition: Cracow 1907.

The ethnographic monograph of Volhynia was prepared from Kolberg’s materials and edited by J. Tretiak seventeen years after Kolberg’s death. The publisher proceeded like I. Kopernicki, who edited ‘The Przemyśl Region’, and selected only a part of Kolberg’s and his correspondents’ field notes for print from his files on Volhynia. He totally omitted excerpts from printed sources, indicating them only within an incomplete list in the introduction. He also left in the manuscript Polish songs from this area and a number of songs in the Ukrainian dialect. The volume contains three descriptions of weddings, ritual wedding songs and songs of the rites of the annual cycle (totally 148), universal songs and melodies as well as 25 tales recorded by J. Prusinowski aroun year 1835 and handed to Kolberg by the author. Kolberg himself conducted fieldwork in Volhynia in 1862, in the neighborhood of Kowel and Włodzimierz, and in the vicinity of Żytomierz. The materials that Tretiak omitted will be published in a supplementary volume to Volhynia (vol. 84 of The Complete Works).