Volumes 37-38: Miscellanea parts 1-2

The Complete Works vols. 37-38: Miscellanea parts 1-2. In preparation.

These two volumes will consist of ethnographic and folkloristic materials and studies of various character, and, to some extent, of uncertain regional origin. Three types of sources will be found here. The first one concerns notes about ethnic groups and nations, for which Kolberg did not plan a separate title and did not collect enough material so that they could be published in an individual volume. The second one includes texts concerning general problems of folk culture, thus exceeding the frames of particular regional and problematic monographs. The third one consists of records that come from all over Poland, but for various reasons, basically as a result of a stormy history of Kolberg’s manuscript heritage, they are not geographically localized. Despite this essential deficiency in the documentation, the songs and melodies which will be found here are not deprived of scientific value and can be useful for the study of folklore and ethnomusicology.