Volume 41: Mazovia part 6

The Complete Works vol. 41: Mazovia part 6. Prepared from the manuscripts by A. Pawlak, M. Tarko and T. Zdancewicz. Introduction by J. Burszta. Edited by M. Tarko. Wrocław – Poznań 1969, pp. LXVIII+584, illustrations.
This volume constitutes a consecutive part of the monograph on the Mazovia region, prepared and published within ‘The Complete Works’, just as the next part 7, from the manuscripts. Similarly to the last part of the monograph, it contains Kolberg's unpublished materials from Mazovia, preserved in his manuscript files, supplementing thus the resources that describe folk culture of the region in Kolberg’s work. The book consists of two parts. The first one is a separate work of Kolberg entitled ‘Właściwości, pieśni i tańce ludu Ziemi Dobrzyńskiej [Characteristics, songs and dances of the people of Dobrzyń Land], which was earlier published in 1882, and here is extended, by some of Kolberg’s notes preserved in his archives, which concern this area (mainly about 100 songs and melodies). The second part of the volume contains the so-called supplements to parts 1-3 of Mazovia, published by Kolberg in the years 1885-1887. They include materials not utilized in that publication which concern the country, the people, customs, rites and also songs and dance melodies from the area of Mazowsze Polne and Leśne [Field and Forest Mazovia]. This part is constructed in exactly the same way, as far as content is concerned, as in volumes 1-5 of Mazovia (that is, first the geographical part, followed by a thematic part). This makes it possible to expose lucidly the supplementing material. Kolberg’s notes decidedly predominated in this volume, basically songs and melodies recorded by him (54 ritual songs, 678 universal ones, 614 dance melodies without text and with refrains). The book documents mainly musical folklore of the already mentioned parts of Mazovia.