Volume 46: The Kalisz and Sieradz Regions

The volume contains a collection of ethnographic and folkloristic materials prepared by Kolberg as the second part of ‘The Kalisz Region (see CWOK vol. 23). The author managed only to begin the editorial work concerning that part. It was published under the expanded title which determines the area discussed in both parts more thoroughly. The volume comprises songs, dances, beliefs, tales and linguistic data. Texts of the songs and melodies (totally 848) were recorded by Kolberg mainly in the field in the years 1843, 1853, 1860 and 1863. A part of the descriptive materials concerning beliefs and several tales was sent by correspondents or excerpted from the literature. He utilized, among others, the works of J. Szaniawski (1851) and J. Grajnert (1880) which also served to supplement his own collections while working on part 1 of the Kalisz region. The bibliography compiled by the editors covers both parts of the monograph.