Volume 47: Podolia

The materials included in this volume come from the area limited by the Dniestr River in the south and the Seret in the west, and by the line connecting the towns of Zbaraż, Winnica, Humań and Bałta on the Kodyma River in the south. The volume consists of materials published by Kolberg in the annals ‘Zbiór Wiadomości do Antropoliogii Krajowej’ [Information on National Anthropology], in 1888, preserved manuscripts of Kolberg’s and others’, including Z. Moszyńska, H. Szopowicz, and also excerpts from the literature. Chapters The Country and The People will almost entirely comprise quotations and excerpts from, mainly, nineteenth-century books and journals. Whereas chapters concerning customs, rites and songs (138 texts and 81 melodies) will be based, predominantly, on Kolberg’s notes collected during his field research conducted in Russian Podolia (east of Zbrucz) in 1858 and 1862 and in Galician Podolia (between the Seret and Zbrucz) in 1867 and 1877. Although this monograph is not be exhaustive, it contains some valuable material documenting the nineteenth-century folk culture of this region.