Volume 51: The Sanok and Krosno Regions part 3

The last part of the ethnographic monograph of this region contains descriptions of beliefs, divinations and of superstitions, texts of traditions, legends, tales, etc., proverbs, riddles and notes on the dialects. Similarly to the collection of songs in the previous volume, texts of prose gathered in this one constitute the richest collection from this region recorded in the nineteenth century (over 120 positions). The materials collected by Kolberg are also an interesting source of data for the linguists. In sum, the three-volume monograph on the regions of Sanock and Krosno is one of the most complete Kolberg’s ethnographic studies. Since in Kolberg's source material we find a picture of ethnic and cultural relations that disappeared after World War II as a result of population resettlements, this monograph is still the more valuable to the science.