Volume 53: Lithuania

The volume devoted to Lithuania contains data about the country (descriptions of several dozen places), the people, their religion, social relations, costumes, food, architecture, occupations, customs, rites and beliefs, and also traditions, legends, brief notes on the language with a glossary, and 279 songs with 205 melodies. The volume consists of material that, to a minor degree, comes from Kolberg’s own research which he conducted in the Augustów region in 1860 describing the Lithuanian folklore. The main source material comprised manuscripts, publications and information from other collectors and researchers of Lithuanian folk culture, such as, M. Akielewicz, S. Dowkont, H. Giegużyński, J. Jaroszewicz, A. Juszkiewicz (from his manuscript 119 melodies edited by Kolberg were included in this volume), M. Kamiński, A. Osipowicz, and others. Translations of Lithuanian songs into the Polish language were conducted by T. Niezabitowski, F. Zatorski, M. Akielewicz, and others. The whole material collected by Kolberg is completed by an extensive bibliography prepared by Kolberg, and provided with numerous notes and lists of places from the districts of Kalwaria, Mariampol and Sejny.