Volume 55: Carpathian Ruthenia part 2

The second part of the monograph on Huculszczyzna [the region of Hucułowie, the highlanders], Bukovina and Ruś Węgierska [Hungarian Ruthenia] contains the following chapters: Universal Songs, Dances, Beliefs, Tales, Proverbs, Riddles, Curses and The language. The songs come from Kolberg’s own research and from the publications of Wacław from Olesko, Ż. Pauli, J. D. Wahilewicz and J. Hołowacki. A relatively small number of melodies (only 62 in both parts) reflects, to some degree, certain regularity characteristic to musical folklore of the region and the fact that most of the melodies recorded in the field were published by Kolberg in the volumes on Pokuttia. The latter reason also contributes to the scarcity of the chapter on folk prose. Both parts on Carpathian Ruthenia together with the volumes on Pokuttia bring an interesting picture of the culture of the region characterized by a specific type of the economy and considerably then saturated with traditional elements.