Volume 58: Materials for the Ethnography of Eastern Slavs

The volume will basically contain folkloristic and ethnographic accounts from the Ukraine. It will include materials from these regions of the large Ukrainian territory for which Kolberg neither published or planed a separate monograph (CWOK vols. 29-32, 36, 54-57). It will also comprise notations that could not be accepted for printing in any monograph, although their origin from the Ukrainian territories is unquestionable. These are manuscripts without any data concerning their geographic location, because of, among other things, damaged manuscripts, but whose linguistic analysis of the texts does not allow us to ascribe them without any doubt to a particular region. Scarce records concerning Russian folklore will also be found here. First of all, songs and melodies, most numerously preserved in the manuscripts, as well as a number of accounts on geography, history, material culture, rites and customs, particularly from the vicinity of Kiev, were published in this volume.