Volume 64: The letters of Oskar Kolberg part 1 (1837-1876)

This is the first part of a three-volume collection of letters written by Kolberg or addressed to him. It includes 467 items from the years 1837-1876 arranged chronologically. The book contains correspondence with Polish and foreign societies and institutions, co-workers, family, friends, publishers and receivers of the volumes of ‘Lud’ [The People] and ‘Obrazy etnograficzne’ [Ethnographic accounts]. It brings information about Kolberg’s wide contacts, creativity, development and the clarification of his research program, scientific methods, work organization, trips, methods of cooperation with field correspondents, publishing problems, distribution and reception of his publications. It provides, thus, some valuable material for the biography of Kolberg, presenting his personality and his activity against the background of his times and in a complex socio-cultural context of the 19th century. Letters devoted to his private matters throw some light on his family relations and introduce the reader to longlasting friendships of the author of ‘Lud’ [The People]. They present his co-workers, sympathizers and enthusiasts, co-authors of his regional monographs often unrevealed in the volumes. The volume also contains a chronicle of Kolberg’s life informing about the most important bibliographical facts, a chronological list of his correspondence, and also 16 illustrations with portraits of Kolberg and his family, as well as photocopies of selected letters.