Volume 65: The letters of Oskar Kolberg part 2 (1877-1882)

The second part of Kolberg’s correspondence contains 546 letters from the years 1877-1882 (Nos. 468-1013). It depicts subsequent years of Kolberg’s work on the realization of his great plan of ethnographic description of Poland and neighboring territories (until 1877 the author of already published eleven volumes of his work; up to 1882 five other volumes were published, including the most extensive of his monographs, the seven-volume ‘The Grand Duchy of Poznań’). His numerous correspondence during this period is also associated with important biographical facts: his trip to the international exhibition in Paris in 1878, his supervision of the ethnographic exhibition in Kołomyja in 1880, a concert for the benefit of Kolberg’s publication organized in Warsaw in 1881. The letters from these years particularly explicitly illustrate Kolberg’s work on the Pokucie monograph (field investigations, cooperation with correspondents and experts on the region, the significance of the Kołomyja exhibition for Kolberg’s collections, etc.) as well as the contribution of the author to the work of the Academy of Arts and Sciences in Cracow in the form of his co-participation in the organization of the Ethnographic Section of the Academy and in ethnographic investigations conducted by the Academy. Similarly to the preceding volume, this one is provided with a chronological list of letters which are published in it.