Volume 66: The letters of Oskar Kolberg part 3 (1883-1890)

The volume constitutes the last part of the collection of letters written by and to Kolberg. The correspondence from the years 1883 -1890 (Nos. 1014 -1548), i. e., from the last years of Kolberg’s life, is gathered here. It covers a period of a particularly intensive scientific and editorial work; at this time Kolberg published six regional monographs, such as the four-volume Pokuttia and five-volume Mazovia monographs, i.e., a total of sixteen volumes of his work. At the same time, until 1885, he also travelled to conduct thorough field research in the Sanok region and strove for financial assistance to publish further materials devoted to, then, eastern Galicia. A large number of letters written to Kolberg in 1889 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of his research work proves tremendous appreciation of the society for Kolberg’s many years of effort and scientific achievement. The volume also contains 26 undated letters found later (Nos. 1549 -1573) and 29 annexes which consist of letters about Kolberg, concerning his life and work, and non-letter materials documenting certain facts discussed in letters and commentaries to them (e.g., original draft list of Kolberg’s trips). Furthermore, the book comprises three indexes which refer to all of the correspondence: an index of names, a geographical index and an index of institutions and journals; in addition, there is a list of all letters compiled according to authors and addressees.