Volume 71: The Sandomierz Region

The Complete Works vol. 71: The Sandomierz Region. Supplement to volume 2. Collected, edited and complemented with a introduction by E. Antyborzec and A. Sawicka. Poznań 2001, pp. XXXIV+222, illustrations.

Published under the scientific auspices of the Polish Academy of Sciences financed by the State Committee for Scientific Research.

This volume was divided into two parts, according to the division adapted in the realm of the supplements edition. The first part includes a material from unpublished manuscripts of Kolberg, the second contains commentaries to texts and melodies published in the monograph of the Sandomierz region from 1865 (CWOK volume 2).

‘The Sandomierz Region’ was originally a set of songs but later it was published as the first series of regional monographs. This is the reason why the most of the manuscriptial material from this region consists of songs. Thus in the supplementary volume there are mostly songs (more than 120 and almost 70 melodies without text).

The second, commentary, part of the volume contains commentaries to volume 2 of CWOK prepared on the basis of remained manuscripts, quoted publications and letters, as well as notes and other sources from the Kolberg’s archive and apart from it. The commentaries provide detail information about authors and the chronology of folkloric and ethnographical material published by Kolberg in volume 2 of CWOK.

The introduction to the volume discusses, among other things, the development of Kolberg’s editorial method, which evolved from the collection of songs to a series of regional monographs.