Volume 72/1: Kujawy. Supplement to volumes 3 and 4

The Complete Works vol. 72: Kujawy. Supplement to volumes 3 and 4. Collected from the manuscripts and printed sources and edited by D. Pawlak and A. Skrukwa. Poznań 2009, pp. XXIV+472, illustrations.

Published under the scientific auspices of the Polish Academy of Sciences financed by the  Minister of Science and Higher Education.

In the years 1867-68 Kolberg published the monograph related to folk culture of the region called Kujawy. The two volume supplement, which is currently in press contains supplementary folklore and ethnographic materials which are retained in the manuscripts, commentaries to the 19th century edition and references and indexes to the whole.

The first part of volume 72 includes a set of dances from Kujawy. This manuscript prepared by Kolberg under the title ‘Chodzone, kujawiaki, obertasy, mazury‘ [Walking dance, Kujawiaks, Obertas, Mazurs] is an exception in comparison to manuscripts from other region. It contains 712 triple step dances, arranged and edited by Kolberg. This collection was prepared by him during the publication of the Kujawy monograph; probably it was supposed to constitute the third part of the monograph. However, it was not published, and some of the dances were included in the second part of ‘Kujawy’, the fifth part of ‘The Grand Duchy of Poznań (CWOK volume 13) and in ‘The Łęczyca Region’ (CWOK volume 22).

The majority of dance melodies were collected by Kolberg during his research. Only small number comes from the materials of other researchers (J. Bliziński, M. Miączyński) and from compositions based on the motifs from Kujawy folklore (J. Niewiarowska, P. Puchalski). Kolberg edited the material from this volume in a very characteristic way. He arranged separate melodies into compound dances, according to the scheme of a kujawian dance, described in the second part of ‘Kujawy’, i.e. according to their type and tempo.