Volume 75: The Lublin Region. The supplement to volumes 16-17

The Complete Works vol. 75: The Lublin Region. The supplement to volumes 16-17. Collected from the manuscripts and printed sources and edited by B. Linette and A. Skrukwa. Poznań 1998, pp. XLVIII+368, illustrations.

Published under the scientific auspices of the Polish Academy of Sciences financed by the State Committee for Scientific Research.

The present volume is the complementation of the regional monograph published by Kolberg in two volumes in the years 1883-84. The supplementary part contains manuscriptial materials excluded from the previous publication, such as songs and dance melodies (altogether more than 300 notes) and fairy tales, proverbs and riddles. Moreover the volume includes a rich collection of illustrations by Kolberg, W. Ciesielski and a few other, unknown authors. There are also some photographs, including the original photographs which were the bases for the lithographs published in ‘The Lublin Region’.

The commentary part of the volume contains the references to texts and melodies published by Kolberg in parts 1 and 2 of ‘The Lublin Region’. The information about the references was taken from the manuscripts, letters and publications used by Kolberg. Indexes encompass all the material from ‘The Lublin Region’.