Volume 77/1-2: The Radom Region. The Supplement to volumes 20 and 21

The Complete Works vol. 77/1-2: The Radom Region. The Supplement to volumes 20 and 21. Collected  from the manuscripts and printed sources and edited by E. Antyborzec and A. Sawicka. Vol. 77/1, Poznań 2005, pp. 392, 4 illustrations. Vol. 77/2, Poznań 2006, pp. 496, 4 illustrations.

Available online: 77/I, 77/II

Published under the scientific auspices of the Polish Academy of Sciences financed by the  Minister of Science and Higher Education and the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.

Volume 77 was divided into two parts because of its large content. It is the supplement of the two-volume monograph of the Radom region, published in the years 1887-88. It consists of the ethnographical and folklore materials which were not published in the 19th century, as well as the commentaries to texts and melodies published by Kolberg in volumes 20 and 21. 

The introduction to the volume discusses the field research conducted by Kolberg in the Radom region, which, according to him, encompassed the historic Sandomierz Land. In addition, there is information about the condition of the manuscripts, and the information about the Kolberg method of using the manuscripts. 

The supplementary part, similarly to the monograph, the majority of material includes songs and melodies; almost 40 ritual songs, more than 750 folk songs, almost 70 peasant or gentry songs and around 300 dance melodies. The chapter ‘Zwyczaje doroczne’ [Annual customs] contains the spectacle ‘Ścięcie Śmierci w Jedlińsku’ [Decapitation of the Death in Jedlińsk], which was found in the Kolberg’s archive, and which come from the publication of priest J. Kloczkowski from 1867.

The commentaries to volumes 20 and 21 were created on the basis of the analysis of manuscripts and comparison of Kolberg’s quotations from other publications.

The last chapter of the volume includes the bibliography of quoted publications, a geographical index and index of first lines of songs. The references encompass the Radom monograph, as well as the supplement to this monograph.