Volume 84: Volhynia. The supplement to vol. 36

The Complete Works vol. 84: Volhynia. The supplement to vol. 36. Collected from the manuscripts and printed sources and edited by A. Skrukwa, musicological editing by A. Ruda. Poznań 2002, pp. LIV+506, illustrations.

Published under the scientific auspices of the Polish Academy of Sciences financed by the State Committee for Scientific Research.

Volume 84 of CWOK includes supplementary material, i.e. ethnographic and folkloric material from Volhynia which was not published so far and commentaries to texts and melodies published in volume 36 of CWOK ‘Volhynia’.

Volume 36 was published by J. Tretiak in 1907, and later as a photo-offset edition. Tretiak for this publication chose from the Kolberg’s archive only 3 descriptions of weddings and 534 song and melodies. The remaining material is included in the supplementary volume 84. This supplementary edition includes material to the chapters ‘Kraj’ [The land] and ‘Lud’ [The people], descriptions of annual and family customs and more than 400 songs and dances. Most of songs and melodies were collected directly from informants, or indirectly from other people during his travel in Volhynia in 1862. In a few instances the ethnographic material comes from the 19th century press and other publications rare in today’s libraries.

Commentaries were created on the basis of Kolberg’s manuscripts. They include the information about author and date of publication of the material chosen by Tretiak, and the information about omitted material, dictionary definitions, references to variants, as well as omitted parts of texts and fragments of variants.

The introduction discusses Kolberg’s research in this part of Ukraine, characterizes the manuscripts and editorial method adopted in the supplement. It deals with problems which turned out during the edition of manuscripts from this region. References encompass all publication related to this region, quoted and found by Kolberg. Indexes concern all material from volume 36 and 84.

The content of both volumes constitutes the richest source of the 19th century folk music material from this part of Ukraine. Its publication enriches our knowledge about Ukrainian and Polish folk culture of Volhynia and provides a valuable material for modern comparative studies.