Fairy tales from the Oskar Kolberg collection

Selection and edition of texts:  Elżbieta Millerowa
Illustrations: Tomasz Pląskowski
Publisher: The Oskar Kolberg Institute and the Institute of Music and Dance
Number of pages: 180 
Format: 195 x 260
Copies printed: 1000

The book contains traditional folk prose, which was transferred orally through generations. The texts come from many regions of Poland and represent various types of folk stories, such as:  magical fairy tales about marvelous heroes and stories, religious legends or comic anecdotes. The collection aims at popularizing the folk fairy tales documented in the 19th century by Oskar Kolberg.

This edition includes a CD with tunes from the archive of Kolberg performed by Kaja Prusinowska and Janusz Prusinowski, along with counting-out games and other musical games for children.

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