Terminologia dramatu i teatru w polskim Oświeceniu [Terminology of drama and theater in the Polish Enlightenment]

Maria Rutkowska
price 25 zł

The Oskar Kolberg Institute
ISBN 83 921727-4-4
Publication year : 2007
Number of pages: 684
Format: 170 x 220
Subject fields: dictionaries/encyclopaedias, history of theatre

The presented publication is a complete dictionary of the terminology of theatre and drama of Polish Enlightment. It was created after the extensive studies on the publications from that period.

Theatre and drama were extremely popular during the Age of Reason. At that time the terminology devoted to this area of art developed very quickly. The first Polish public scene was created at that time, later it became the National Theatre. A large part of terminology which then came into use, is still alive.

The glossary part includes more than 900 entries with about 40 thousands examples of their use. The alphabetical and chronological order as well as the system of references speed up the process of searching. The first part of the publication contains essays on a few topics (such as theatrical architecture, audience, people, actor).

The present edition is a must have for theatrologists, literary scholars, linguists, art historians, culture sociologist, culture experts as well as students of theatrical schools, thearte workers and enthusiasts of theatre.

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