Od etnografii wsi do antropologii współczesności [From the rural ethnography to anthropology of modernity]

The book "Od etnografii wsi do antropologii współczesności" [From the rural ethnography to anthropology of modernity] was published to commemorate the 100 birthday of professor Józef Burszta – a distinguished researcher, co-founder and main creator and post-war Polish ethnology, as well as teacher of a few generations of ethnographers, anthropologists, rural sociologists and students of folklore studies. The content of this volume, written by both experienced researchers, as well as representatives of younger generations, gives evidence for everlasting value of professor’s academic achievements. Moreover it includes some texts and speeches by Józef Burszta himself, related to areas studied by professor in different stages of this career. The message behind the book illustrates a man, who besides devoting his life to history of culture, was also a social activist and propagator of ethnology, the discipline be loved so much.

The publication was developed in collaboration with the Committee on Ethnological Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

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