Monografie regionalne Oskara Kolberga. Założenia i realizacja [Regional monographs of Oskar Kolberg: Principles and their appli

Dr Ewa Antyborzec: “Monografie regionalne Oskara Kolberga. Założenia i realizacja" [Regional monographs of Oskar Kolberg: Principles and their application]

The new and fresh publication of dr Antyborzec fills a gap in publications related to works of Oskar Kolberg. The first part of the book focuses on ethnographic works by authors from the pre-Kolberg period, and it presents the long way Kolberg had to come from the material collection stage up to documentation of Polish culture. In the following part of the book dr Antyborzec tries to answer to what degree the monographs reflect Kolberg’s initial assumptions and what were the reasons of their transformation, as well as what was the effect of the new genre in literature studies introduced by Kolberg in monographs on later publications of this type. By focusing on the writing style applied in consecutive volumes of “Lud” [The people] and “Obrazy etnograficzne” [Ethnographic Accounts] dr Ewa Antyborzec emphasizes the ethnographic value of monographs and set the terms in which they can be considered as such by scientists studying the 19th century folk culture.

Dr Ewa Antyborzec is the vice-director of the Oskar Kolberg Institute, a graduate of Adam Mickiewicz Institute and an experienced researcher of the Kolberg’s manuscripts.

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