Bilcza is a village located in the district of Sandomierz. Although Kolberg mentions his visit in Bilcza just from 1854, it is almost certain that he went there already at the beginning of the 1840s. He was hosted by the family of Jan Kanty Gregorowicz, a writer, later an editor and publisher of some newspapers. The family emigrated from Russia to Warsaw and became the owner of the village at the beginning of the 1830s.

While he lived in Bilcza, Jan Kante, got interested in the social problems of his village. In consequence he wrote some publications, which he signed ‘Janek z Bielca’ [Jan from Bielec]. Jan Kanty moved out from the village in 1847; however, he contacted Kolberg in Warsaw in the redaction of the ‘Warsaw’s Library’. It was the wife of Gregorowicz, Teofilia, whom Kolberg dedicated his six Kujawiaks; probably he wanted to express his gratitude for their hospitality. In 1862 he created also the melody for Gregorowicz text ‘Janek spod Ojcowa’ [John from the Ojców Suroundings].

During his trip in 1854 Kolberg might have been hosted by Maria and Cyprian Hennel. The Hennel family became the owner of the estate after the marriage of Gregorowicz’s daughter, Mary, with Cyprian.

The Kolberg’s archive includes manuscripts from the beginning of the 1840s. It contains tens of songs from Bilcza, among others, ritual songs, lullabies and some ditties.

One of the most interesting descriptions includes the account of the Sobótka bonfire in Bilcza. Kolberg used in this account fragments taken from ‘Obrazy wiejskie’ [The Country Pictures] by Gregorowicz, songs and melodies he collected, and a beautiful woodcut.