Góry Wysokie

Góry Wysokie is a village in the Sandomierz district. According to the description from 1881, the village had a bricked parish church from the 17th century and the elementary school. In the 15th century there was a wooden parish church. At that time Góry Niskie (today’s part of the village) was a separate village.
In the list of his travels created at the end of his life, Kolberg wrote that he visited this place in 1854. Next to this entry he added the name of the Kollatorowicz family. Moreover, in his correspondence with the closest family, for example his brother, Wilhelm, Kolberg used the name of the Kollatorowicz family many times. In his letter to Władysław Sikorski from Kielce, a priest and a folklorist, Oskar wrote: “I avail myself of the opportunity to send to you a few volumes on the Poznań district through my cousin Cecylia Kollatorowicz”. Hence it is probable that the family of Kollatorowicz, mentioned by Kolberg in the middle 1850s, was very close friends with Kolberg, or even a part of his family.

The research in the Sandomierz region was conducted in the 1840s and 1850s, so in the period of his strong interests in songs and melodies. This is why in his archive of the materials from Góry Wysokie there are mostly songs. Some of those texts are rather inappropriate; this is why they were published only recently.