Kolberg wrote about Radziejów: ‘One of the places which are worth mentioning  is Radziejów located in the most fertile part of Kujawy on a hill overlooking the surrounding plains’.
Kolberg describes the outfits of inhabitants of this town: ‘Women near Radziejów wear woolen or silk and colorful headscurves. Unmarried girls reveal some locks of  hair on the top of their heads as well as at the back of their heads, whereas married women wear bonnets which expose only some of their hair at their back, moreover their wear a lot of beads with crosses’.
The ethnographer describes also how the inhabitants of this region work and celebrate different occasions. He describes a game “Skryj, nie ukazuj” played by young girls. In this game girls sit in a row holding their hands like for praying. Two of them stand in front of the rest; one of them holds a ring or a stone. She approaches the sitting girls and pretends to give this ring or stone to them. She does not want the other girl to see which one of the girls receives the treasure. Finally she gives it to one of them and the task of the other girl is to guess  who has the treasure. She tries until she points out the correct girl. As soon as she does this the two standing girls go aside and choose two male names and the rest need to guess those names. Two first girls who guess stand up and change with the standing girls.