Kolberg came to this village during his second voyage to Kujawy in 1865. He was hosted in the manor house of the Morzycki family. Antoni Robert Morzycki, an economist, philologist and social activist, helped Kolberg to raise money for his monograph of this region. Another person who helped Kolberg in the same way was Michał Sokołowski from Głuszyn.

The material from Ruszkowo contains numerous superstitions, such as “When you praise a plant or a fruit which has just started to grow, it will certainly wither or stop growing”, or “Do not start to spread manure on Saturday. One farmer who did that was sent by God to the moon. Since then his legs can been seen in the moon spots”.

Other superstitions are connected to treatment of illnesses: “For a child with tuberculosis, they put the child near the floor threshold and sweep on it the dirt from the chamber. Later they carefully should move the child with the dirt to the front of the house. Then, they put the child back into the house through a window and brush the dirt off”.