Gałęzów is a village which, in Kolberg’s day, belonged to the Lublin region. The family of Koźmian, which hosted Kolberg, had a great property in this place. According to Kolberg’s list of travels, it is known that he came here in 1959 and that he paid his informants. Moreover, the Kolberg’s correspondence with Józefa Koźmian, a daughter of the owners, gives evidence that he visited this place also in 1865. When he could not continue his research, Ms Koźmian sent him ethnographic material.

Kolberg gives a commentary of an Easter custom:
“On Easter Monday, boys gather together and walk from house to house singing. If there is a girl in a house, they sprinkle her with water. They collect eggs, and, at the end, they ask the owners of one house if they can organize a feast in his property. They eat collected boiled eggs, drink vodka, and, sometimes, organize music and dances. For the last two years no girls are allowed to this feast”.