Kolberg collected here some customs related to the New Year’s Eve, Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday or the Great Thursday.

He also noted down information about an interesting Easter custom:

“In the past people used to walk around the town with a donkey made of straw and the passers-by took off their hats and knelt down before this procession”.

Apart from the above, Kolberg documented also some fortune telling methods used during St. Andrew’s Eve in Lublin:

“There are customs popular among girls of: a) hiding a flower or a leaf, a lace and a bonnet below a bowl or a plate; b) feeding dogs with pieces of fat; c) lying two lightened candles on water.

A girl who will pull out a leaf remains unmarried; a bonnet brings marriage whilst a lace means that a girl becomes a nun. A girl whose piece of fat will be eaten first gets married first. A girl whose candles will join together will get married and a girl whose candle goes out first will die first”.

Other interesting information from this region is a recipe for creation of one’s own devil:

“If a man or a woman wants to have their own devil, he or she needs to put a chicken egg under their armpit for nine days. The devil then hatches from it. He is extremely devoted to his carer and can cause problems to others. One can order the devil to bring money and he or she will not be poor. Each wealthy person probably has a devil”.