Piaski near Lublin

Oskar Kolberg came to the Piaski village at the end of July 1859. At that time he was collecting the material for a monograph of the Lublin region. There is a list of the expenses from this travel, which enlist a dinner and a tea.

Kolberg visited Lublin in the years 1865-1866. Thus, it is possible that he went to nearby villages, including Piaski. Oskar Kolberg knew the vicinity if Lublin very well, since in the foreword to ‘The Lublin Region’ he enumerated many local villages describing their location. The account of Piaski includes the following passage: “From the south there is Jewish Piaski (behind the Bystrzyca River, former Kazimierz); further there are the villages of Dziesiąta and Wrotków”. Moreover, Kolberg quoted the Sierpiński’s description of local houses: “The suburbs of Lublin are full of wooden, rotten houses. In the mountains they have cave-like houses, which are cramped and cluttered, yet from a distance these look quite picturesque”.

Kolberg collected in this village the account of a wedding custom:
“Bridesmaids cook a special bread for the bride, called ‘korowal’. It is a big loaf made with yeast. At the top of it, there is a plait and cone from dough. In the summertime they scatter some herbs on the top. The bread is shared between the wedding guests after the ceremony of unveiling”.