Kolberg documented there the local legend about the origins of the tradition of the Easter breakfast in our country: 

"One of the patriarchs of Jerusalem, the one who gave great privileges for the church of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem in Miechow, arrived to this town during the celebration of Easter. Each member of aristocracy wanted to celebrate the visit of the patriarch and commemorate his stay in the area of Krakow .Therefore he was invited to each manor, where he was welcomed with full splendour. In consequence the whole week after Resurrection Sunday went on celebrations honouring the guest, who, after settling the affairs of the monastery, went back to Jerusalem. In memory of this visit in the monastery in Miechów and in settlements in the vicinity of Krakow people celebrate the Resurrection for the whole week inviting friends and family members and welcoming them with all the warmth and hospitality. Later the members of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem spread this celebration across the country.”

In Miechów they have a tradition of the Sobótka bonfire: 

"The bonfires are burnt there on the second day of Pentecost. No one, however, is able to tell me what is the purpose of this. They reply, ‘How could I know; people have burnt them for so many years right now’. In the evening, when the sun sets, people gather usually on a hill, near the village, they kindle a large fire, drink vodka, play some music, and sing. Some of their games include pushing others into the fire. Some of them have their clothes burnt by an accident. Both boys and girls take part in those game as well as children. If there was not any accident people come home at midnight or later, singing, chatting and shouting along the way. Experienced fathers do not like the idea of those bonfires, and more respectable fathers forbid their children attend them.“