Kolberg stayed in Kozienice in 1859 with the Rychter family, known only by name. Later, he came to this town in 1855, 1856 and 1859. In manuscripts, there remains a note written by Kolberg from July 3, 1859, according to which the author spent 10 kopecks [the currency used at that time in Poland] on beer.

However, he bought it probably for his informer, musician or singer.

According to the Kolberg’s description, “Kozienice is a city by the Zagwożdżonka River, near the Vistula River. In the past it was called Starawieś [Old Village] and belonged to the Norbertine sisters from Płock. The name Kozienice comes from Polish word ‘koza’ meaning a female roe deer. Legend has it that the present name of the town comes from words shouted out by the king when he missed a roe deer during hunting. Some people say that Władysław Jagiełło, the king of Poland, in 1390 exchanged the town with the Norbertines for the village of Bronisław in the Kujawy region. Later he built here, near the forest, a hunting lodge that he called ‘kozienice’ [a storehouse for hunted roe deers]. Kozienice is a place where Zygmunt I, the king of Poland, was born in 1467. In 1507 he erected here the church from larch wood that used to belong to the Wargocin parish, which is located beyond the Vistula Rriver”.

In Kozienice Kolberg collected numerous songs including some bawdy ditties.