Orońsko is a town located by the Oronka River. In Kolberg’s day, it was in the Radom district; today it belongs to the Szydłowiec district. Kolberg came here in 1859; however, it was not his first visit in the town.

He was hosted by Amelia Pruszakowa, the wife of Jan Konstanty Pruszak. Kolberg used to spend time with the Pruszak family in Warsaw. Jan Konstanty was, like Kolberg, a student of the Warsaw Lyceum. He died in 1852 leaving his brother Tomasz who was the husband of Seweryna Pruszakowa (later Duchińska). Seweryna was an active member of artistic and literary community in Warsaw. Kolberg used to visit Seweryna’s salon, and she probably helped him in finding a place to conduct his research in Orońsko in the summer of 1859.

The manuscripts reveal that in 1859 Kolberg collected, among other things, wedding songs, including the one that was sang during the guests’ seating.

Since 1877, the manor in Orońsko has belonged to Helena Pruszakowa from the Wojciechowski family and her husband, a painter, Józef Brandt. Today it is the Centre of Polish Sculpture.