Kolberg wrote about Łęczyca: "Łęczyca, a very ancient city, takes its name probably from the vast and swampy riparian forests (pol. łęgi) which surround it. Once, it was the capital of the land and later, the province of the same name, consisting of Łęczycki, Brzezinski, Orlowski and Inowłodzki districts, which belonged to the Dukes of Kujawy.  In 1108 it was conquered by Boleslaw Wrymouth. In 1180 the city organized the congress of princes, bishops and nobles to abolish many abuses and violence done to the clergy and peasants."

Kolberg also described the location of the city: "The Bzura river runs on the east side of the city. It forms there inaccessible area of mud. During spring this area is flooded and the city looks like an island rising above the surface of water. At autumn the fog drifting from marsh makes the air unhealthy."

Kolberg mentions also the castle: "Kazimierz W. built here and the wall and fortress, whose remains are in the city. The Castle was mostly ruined by two wars with Sweden (in 1655 and 1705). Accounrind to a local legend, this castle was inhabited by the Borut devil.