Cielce is a village from the parish of Góra.

Kolberg stayed here in 1845 with the family of Jabłonowski.

In 1863, he repeated the research in this region. It is highly probable that the ethnographer was here also in 1843.

Most of the material from the region of Kalisz includes descriptions of customs and rituals from the vicinity of Cielce:
“On the second day of Easter they celebrate ‘kurek’ [cock]. A group of boys, or even serious peasants decorate a cart. They carve a cock from wood and place it on a cart. Later, they walk around the village with an orchestra and sing. At the same time, they throw water over girls; this tradition is known as ‘dyngus’”.

Kolberg wrote about a wedding:
“Two groomsmen wearing dark blue russet coats with white and red ribbons; and grey hats decorated with herb wreaths ride on horseback through the village and invite guests to the wedding”.