Oskar Kolberg stayed in Krasice in 1843 and 1863; however it is not known, where he resided.

The research in this region resulted in the collection of interesting accounts of local rites related to weddings:
“A wedding takes place usually, like in other parts of the country, during the carnival, but sometimes also in autumn. A future groom sends a friend to do a bit of spying; namely, he has to get to know if the parents are in favour of the marriage. Later, the father of the groom, along with a groomsman, visit the parents of the future bride. They bring vodka. This custom usually takes place on Thursday. The group is supposed to discuss the subject of dowry and the wedding. After a long discussion, interrupted, according to custom, by the future bride’s father, they finally complete the arrangement.

In the meantime, the wedding preparations start. They begin to store some food. On Thursday, before the wedding, the bride with her maid of honour walks around the village and invites people to the celebrations. The groom with his best man does the same thing, yet he starts from the opposite side of the village”.