Tarnów, or, as Kolberg sometimes wrote ‘Tarnowo’ next to Sawin, is a town in which he stayed due to the hospitality of the Hempel family.

There are some mentions from which we can assume that Kolberg visited this region in the years 1866-1868; however it is certain that he came here in 1869. The following excerpt comes from the first part of the monograph of the Chełm region from 1890:
“Tarnowo is a village in the vicinity of Sawin. It is believed that under the lake there is an old manor. People say that one Cossack dived in the lake and found some vehicles there”.

The material from Tarnów includes also an account of a heiress:
“Once, when the heiress of Tarnów was walking on a meadow picking herbs for her herbarium, she met a peasant woman who asked her what was she picking. When the woman heard that the heiress was picking herbs, she asked if the heiress was a witch”.

Kolberg collected here some descriptions of local beliefs:
“The inhabitants of Tarnowo and Wólka Tarnowska do not remember any epidemic. They say that some time ago there were twin brothers who ploughed the whole Tarnowo with black twin cattle. While doing this they killed also two black cocks. Since then, there was no epidemic in this place, and probably there will not be. However, some members of the oldest group remember a fever epidemic. It stopped only when a sick ate a part of blessed meat from the black cow killed on this occasion”.

The material from this region includes, among others, an account of illnesses and drugs:
“Apart from charms, there are some popular illnesses, such as marsh fever, uterus contractions, rubella, runny nose, headache and toothache. Instead of going to a doctor with those illnesses people prefer to visit healers. For jaundice, some use a decoction from carrot blessed on the Assumption. Others feel relieve after staring at a gilded chalice in a church”.