Sambor is a town, which, as described by Oskar Kolberg, in the 13th century was destroyed by the Tatars. In consequence the inhabitants settled in the village Pohonicz and renamed it to, Nowy – Sambor [New Sambor], whereas the place destroyed by the Tatars was called ever since Stary – Sambor [Old Sambor]. In the 14th century, thanks to Spytko of Melsztyn, it received the new incorporation charter based on the Magdeburgs rights and later became a crown land. Today, it has four districts and 6 suburbian areas. There is also a parish church of the Beheading of St. John the Baptist, consecrated in the 16th century. There is also an orthodox church, originally made of wood, and now brick, which houses the miraculous image of the Mother of God from 1738. Apart from a few churches, there are also monasteries, such as the Bernadine Monastery Monastery of Dominican (today’s barracks) and the Jesuit monastery which today is a building of the district government bodies.