In Kolberg’s manuscripts, there is an account of the town derived from the literature:
“Łuck is a town located at the mouth of the rivers Styr and Głuszca. The landscape of this very old settlement consists of many ruins, such as two towers of the old castle, and a ruined Bazylian cathedral. The town used to be home to many monasteries, yet today there are only Bridgettines and Daughters of Charity; as well as the remains of the Uniat church of the Exaltation of the Cross. Today, a wanderer coming from the Włodzimierz side sees this silent town surrounded by black walls contrasting with the blue Volhynian sky. Above the city, a majestic building of the cathedral can be seen”.

“It is believed that the court records from Łuck include a decree issued for the following case:
one day a peasant woman was kneading the dough for bread. She was disturbed by a calf and shouted with irritation: ‘to hell with you!’. The calf fell down and died. Surprised, the woman stood by the window, and marked on the glass the position of the Sun. She understood that every time the sun will be in the same position her wishes will be fulfilled. From then on, each time the sun was in the same spot in the sky, she would curse her enemies. She later admitted that she lost many of them. Finally, her witchcraft was revealed and she was beheaded”.

The vast majority of the material which Kolberg collected here consists of songs. There is also an extended description of a wedding from the vicinity of Łuck, which includes the details of local baking prepared for the ceremony.