Kolberg met here Anna Potocka from the Działyński family, the owner of the palace and spa park. In the monograph of this region, there is an extensive description of Rymanów: “the town is rather decent; there is a nice church and a school of sculpture located in the palace of countess Anna Potocka. One can admire tasteful sculptures exhibited in a separate building next to a bath house. Half a mile from the town in the direction of mountains, there are sources with mineral water. The owner does everything to build there another bath house. When you are here, you should pray for good weather, otherwise you will be forced to stay longer. The road to the park leads through the bed of the Taba River, which, during even the smallest rain, becomes turbulent and changeable. This, however does not last too long; and the road quickly becomes again small, modest and easy to go through”.

The material from Rymanów includes the extensive account of a wedding: “A wedding here is very grand. Among the guests, there are some who have special tasks, such as starosts and a marshal holding a wedding twig, as well as groomsmen, including the best man; and bridesmaids including the maid of honour”.

Special attention should be given to the custom of the wedding twig: “A wedding twig is a stick of about 1 meter in length. It has four rows of pegs on which various things are hung, such as bagels, croissants, walnuts, apples, pears etc. On the top of it, there is goose plumage with herb-of-grace. The twig is prepared by the maid of honour, who then gives it to a starost, who, in turn, walks to the house of the bride and gives the twig for a moment to the mother of the bride. During the walk to the bride’s house, he is accompanied by two groomsmen who hold two round cakes, called ‘kołacz’, which are decorated with herb-of-grace and an apple on a stick. The starost gives a twig to the priest, and a second, similar twig is taken to the manor”.

Kolberg describes in great detail the course of the wedding. He mentions, among other things, the tradition of making a round of house calls of the wedding guests: “During the ceremony of unveiling and after it, groomsmen and bridesmaids organize various games. They, for instance, dress up as old men and old women and walk from house to house asking for a donation, but, in fact, they steal some food”.